Exceptional cannabis brands in emerging markets around the world.

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Global brands, locally compliant.

We launch exceptional cannabis brands in emerging markets with few established players. We use compliant and profitable cannabis and cannabis adjacent products to build brand awareness in advance of the legalization of adult use cannabis.

Trusted everywhere.

Building trust with our consumers is core to our brands. We partner with the highest quality cannabis producers globally to create consistent and effective products.

Sustainable and lean.

Instead of building expensive and slow production and manufacturing assets, we focus exclusively on developing profitable, high-margin brands. We leverage the global cannabis supply chain to manufacture products at a lower cost than domestic producers.

Our Markets

Choost operates in emerging cannabis markets around the world with premium brands tailored to comply with local regulations.

United Kingdom

The CBD market in the United Kingdom is experiencing explosive growth. Currently valued at £300 million, the market is expected to grow to £1 billion by 2025. With CBD products becoming an increasingly common sight, it’s clear that consumer appetite for these types of products is growing. 

But, while demand is increasing, there is one area of uncertainty. Simply put, consumers don’t know who to trust. Everyday there’s another media reports of CBD companies selling mislabeled and untested product. The opacity of this market means that consumers don’t actually know what they’re putting in their body.

That’s why we launched Fog, our all-natural line of CBD products designed to support restorative sleep and relaxation. We source the highest quality ingredients from premium hemp farms in the US and rigorously test them for effectiveness. 

Choost Holdings sees a number of positive indications that the UK is moving towards adult use cannabis legalization at an accelerated pace. Opinion polls put support for legalization of recreational cannabis at 48%, a historic high. Most recently, the Liberal Democrats, Britain’s third largest political party, included a commitment for legalization in their election manifesto. The conversation around legalization is normalizing, increasing the likelihood of legislative change. 

Based on the evolving political climate, our estimation is that adult use cannabis legalization could come as soon as 2-3 years from now. In the meantime, we are focusing on creating a sustainable CBD business in the UK, through Fog, that will position us well for when this market opens. 

New Zealand

We are encouraged by the Government of New Zealand’s decision to put cannabis legalization before voters in November 2020 and broadly support much of the draft legislation. 

If New Zealand voters choose to legalize recreational cannabis, we are building local capacity to be ready on day-one to support the successful rollout of responsible adult use cannabis. Specifically, we are focused on developing assets related to consumer education and access. 

Choost Holdings is currently engaging with the Government of New Zealand and the general public to develop a collaborative approach to advance responsible adult use cannabis in New Zealand. We look forward to announcing our plans for the New Zealand market soon.

Our Flagship Brand

Fog creates premium CBD products designed to help you thrive in the modern world. Available today in the UK.